Biography of J.P. Moreau

moreau-jean-pierreJean-Pierre Moreau, physiotherapist and coach at the Institut National des sports (National Sports Institute), discovered the importance of strengthening the postural muscles, and was the founder of the practice and teaching of Stretching Postural.

He was born in Paris in 1938, and studied physiotherapy at the Hopital des Enfants Malade in Paris, graduating in 1959.

Together with Dr Dumas, official doctor for the Tour de France team, he created the first sports medicine unit at the Institut National des sports in 1964. At the same time he started his own physiotherapy practice, where he began his studies on athletes in training.

In 1982 he set out the method (using well-defined postures) that became the basis for Stretching Postural, and he published his first book: “Le stretching ou la gymnastique de l’instinct” (“Stretching, or instinctual gymnastics?).

He was a columnist for the French magazine Vital, as well as continuing his work as a physiotherapist for the French national teams for table tennis, motorcycling and Formula 1, and coaching other top level athletes. He wrote his second book, “Le Stretching Postural”, in 1985.

In 1987 he decided to devote his time to developing a training program for Stretching Postural teachers. He wrote his third and last book, “Sportif, corps et âme” (“Sports person in body and soul?), outlining his philosophy for humanity. He died in 1988.

Today, his work continues with the Association which specialises in the research, development and teaching of this technique.