Practising Stretching Postural

KRPeP2Over-whelmed by the unrelenting pace of everyday life, you find yourself wanting to let off steam, to do something else to alleviate the permanent stress.

We propose an effective method based on muscular contractions and stretches. Each exercise is performed slowly and progressively. Through this exercise you discover your deep, postural musculature.

At the same time you will become conscious of your suppleness and your zones of stiffness. This awareness brings a well-being to your body.

This technique, discovered by Jean-Pierre Moreau, sports physiotherapist, is named “Stretching Postural®“.

The easy and simple postures which are either “tonic” or “passive” act on your muscle tone and your relaxation, respectively, both mental and physical.

Although practised within a group, the sessions have a strictly individual approach. Each person works within their own limits and progresses at their own pace.

z1mBJmAre there many sorts of Stretching?

Yes. Here are some well-known ones:

-Sports stretching which alternately contracts and relaxes an isolated muscle group,
-Californian stretching where stretching takes place after dynamic movement,
-“Stretching Postural®“.


How is “Stretching Postural®” different?

Importance is placed on the construction of the posture, which is controlled throughout. The progressive stretching combined with muscular contractions leads to working the body in its entirety.


What are the benefits?

The construction of a stretch will reinforce your postural muscles and work on your posture and the way you hold your body. You will learn to find out about and understand your own mental and muscular tensions. The continual controlled breathing helps you to manage your physical and mental state.


Will I develop muscles?

The aim is more to become conscious of your body and feel the contractions and relaxation with the help of an appropriate breathing technique rather than to build up muscles.


I am not supple, will I be able to do it?

Suppleness is relative. In “Stretching Postural®” there is no particular limit to achieve. You progress according to your personal limitations. Muscular tensions will be regulated by the tonic stretches, and psychological tensions by the passive stretches.


What is the difference between a tonic stretch and a passive stretch?

A tonic stretch is a postural placement which is active and progressive. A passive stretch is a long, progressive relaxation which uses your own body weight.


Will I get out of breath?

-small breaths in a sustained, unchanging rhythm guide your postures.
-after each stretch a deep breath allows you to recharge your energy. The controlled breathing at the end allows the body to appreciate the benefits of the session.


I do a lot of sport. How will “Stretching Postural” help me?

Through the construction of stretches and deep contractions, a sports person can warm-up more effectively. Stretching Postural® also prepares the body to face extreme activity and allows one to train the muscles without injury.
Through the slow progression of the postures, the sports person becomes more conscious of his body and its make-up, and can then channel his energy better, thus improving his performance.

IMG_0584Jean-Pierre Moreau, founder of “Stretching Postural®“, physio-therapist and trainer at L’Institut National des Sports (France) paved the way for the discovery of the importance of postural work, both its theory and practice.

An organisation was set up after his death to continue the research, development and teaching of this technique.

The teachers are fully trained and give classes in many different organisations.

Contact the secretary of our Association or leave a message:

-if you would like a free brochure,
-if you would like to practice, train or integrate “Stretching Postural®” as a compliment to your discipline.