Stretching Postural and health sector

P1070425Chronic illness and injuries are on the increase in doctors surgeries and medical centres.

Back problems have become common-place, as if it were normal for our body to suffer.

Tendinitis and muscle strain are accepted as part of normal life for sportsmen and sportswomen. Frozen shoulder is common amongst the elderly. Slipped discs and back problems affect 70% of the population and scoliosis often goes undetected in children and adolescents.

P1070464Should we accept these facts?

Is it not the responsibility and the duty of health professionals to put a system of prevention in place?

Does the patient not feel the necessity to know their own body and the reasons for its suffering?

Stretching Postural®
IMG_2363 can compliment different treatments already in place. This technique sets in motion a process of understanding the body in its entirety.

The central nervous system is modified by the adjustments made in the deep, inner musculature. This musculature helps with balance and posture, the latter being the main aim of the technique. “Stretching Postural®” is a global, static method of muscular re-balancing which takes into consideration the needs of the individual.

Each person practices the technique within their own abilities and limitations of suppleness and strength. Combined with a specific breathing technique, it is practised without equipment and according to personal muscular potential.

The aim is to carry out a progression of stretches and contractions in order to improve and reinforce the subconscious postural musculature without fear of injury. The methodology is precise, both during each posture and during the overall session. The outcome of each posture depends on the exactness of the posture and the correct application of the means.

The postural muscles are rich in neuromuscular fibres which regulate their tone and responses. This active postural activity is permanent and is maintained by the central nervous system. It prepares and guides the speed of the dynamic muscles.

By activating all the muscular fibres, the deeper muscles as well as those closer to the surface, “Stretching Postural” improves muscle tone, agility and freedom of articulation, whatever the age of the participant. The body is far from being a simple mechanism. Thus the technique stresses the importance of psychological involvement, calling for a joint psycho-physical approach.

When the postural system is not functioning properly, disorders develop and become persistent. The development of the dynamic, tonic muscles lessens the symptoms of disorders by re-establishing a mobility of articulation which in itself creates a new perception of the body.

Jean-Pierre Moreau, founder of “Stretching Postural®“, physio-therapist and trainer at L’Institut National des Sports (France) paved the way for the discovery of the importance of postural work, both its theory and practice.

An organisationwas set up after his death to continue the research, development and teaching of this technique.
The teachers are fully trained and give classes in many different organisations.

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