Stretching Postural and sports

PA070924Sports teachers and trainers teach many different sports disciplines in a minimum amount of time, in conditions which are rarely optimal.

The level of the students varies a great deal, both their suppleness and muscle tone, and their mental and physical attitude. Therefore the work of the teacher must take into account the capacities and motivation of the individual.

Everyone who teaches or practices a sport knows the importance of the warm-up and recovery period and their function in the prevention of injuries and in lessening the build-up of fatigue.


In this context the objectivesof “Stretching Postural®” are:

-To allow an increase in intra-muscular temperature,
-To encourage circulation and elimination of toxins,
-To facilitate adequate breathing,
-To make oneself aware of the different systems in place for controlling the body in order to improve one’s capacity to react and to make one’s actions and gestures more efficient.

PA291012The postural muscles, which are the deepest muscles in the body, are strengthened. Normally used unconsciously in everyday life, they are consciously targeted for stimulation in “Stretching Postural®” through a process of progressive muscular contractions and stretches.

The role of the stretches is to ensure prevention of specific, sometimes debilitating, tensions associated with practising a sport.

Improved knowledge of one’s own body allows one to evolve towards an understanding of how to liberate energy opportunely, thus progressing towards a more efficient way of moving.
The controlled breathing helps combat stress and nervousness, which often disturbs one’s preparation and performance in sport.

PA070953Muscles contain specific structures which allow them to send messages to the central nervous system about how they are working. “Stretching Postural” acts on these micro-processors so that they can regulate the time and quality of the muscle response.
This technique, which is exclusively static, allows the inner muscles used to hold the body i.e. the postural muscles, to be targeted. These muscles are rich in neuromuscular spindles (micro-processors) and are permanently active, both when at rest and when being used.

Combined with an appropriate breathing technique, “Stretching Postural” allows one to discover the existence of postural muscles and it is through this awareness of them that they are toned and improved.

The postural muscles prepare the body, guide it and serve as a support for the dynamic muscles so that an action or movement is well-chosen and precise.

By calling on the muscular fibres of the deep, inner muscles and those at the surface, “Stretching Postural“improves muscle tone, suppleness and articular movement.

The methodology is precise, both during an individual posture and during the entire session. The outcome of the posture depends on the initial positioning and the correct usage of the means chosen.

The body is far from being a simple mechanism and this technique also recognises the importance of the psychological involvement, resulting in a psycho-physical approach.

PA291013Jean-Pierre MOREAU, fondateur du Stretching Postural®, kinésithérapeute du sport et entraineur à l’Institut National des Sports, a ouvert de grands horizons en faisant découvrir l’importance du travail postural, sa maîtrise et sa mise en pratique.

Une association a été créée après son décès, pour continuer la recherche, le développement et l’enseignement de cette technique Des enseignants sont formés et assurent des cours au sein de structures diverses.

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