IMG_1432Stretching Postural® aims to improve muscle tone through directed stretches and deep muscular contractions.

It is a global technique that gives free rein to the interpretation of sensations and emotions in order to act on different organs.
Both individual postures and a complete Stretching Postural® session follow a precise methodology.

The correct achievement of a posture depends on the care taken in getting into the initial position and on how the means are applied during the posture.


The principles of Stretching Postural®KRPeP2

it is a global, static technique accompanied by a specific rhythm of breathing
sessions and postures are punctuated by keywords
only the means of the actions are given, not the goals
Stretching Postural® is accessible to everyone because there is no unique result, obligatory model, or competition
the breathing is specific:

– small breaths during the posture
– a big breath at the end of every posture
– large-volume, controlled breaths at the end of a session

– the technique itself is varied, and includes:
– pure stretches
– muscular contractions on pre-stretched muscle fibres

IMG_1644During muscular contraction the tonic fibres are the first to be used. During a posture, an inner, spatial vigilance is always required, which creates a unity between the body and mind. The voice of the teacher stimulates and accentuates the intensity of the work.

Stretching postural® is a corporal technique.
Once experienced, it allows your body and mind to push its limits further, determined by yourself.